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    VANTA blinds provide significantly better dimming in comparison with conventional venetian blinds. Barely any light comes through the gap between the slats and the guidance rails or through the holes for the lift tapes, because the slats cover these openings.

    VANTA and VANTA+


    Self-supporting system

    The self-supporting blind system with no mounting in the drop area preserves insulation, reduces noise transmission, and prevents thermal bridges (Minergie standard). A central attachment or a reinforcement profile is required for the head rail from widths of 2500 mm and above.

    No light gap between slats and guidance

    The slat profile is designed so that the slats overlap the side guidance. There is no longer a light gap between the slats and the side guidance as there is with conventional venetian blinds. The lift tapes and guide bolts cannot be seen from the outside when the blinds are closed.

    No light through lift tape holes

    In the VANTA model, the holes for the lift tapes are arranged asymmetrically on the inside, which means they are always covered by the slats. The lift tapes move in the inner area of the blind and are therefore protected from the effects of weather and UV radiation.

    VANTA+ with lock and obstacle protection

    The VANTA+ model is equipped with an automatic lock which prevents the bottom rail from being raised at any height, and unlocks automatically when the blind is raised. If an obstacle is encountered (e.g. a vase or a chair), the bottom rail will stop automatically and readjust itself of its own accord when next raised.

    VANTA with fixed bottom rail

    The VANTA model is equipped with a fixed bottom rail that does not turn. The width of the bottom rail significantly reduces the amount of light coming through between it and the window sill.

    Textured coating

    The innovative textured coating used for the slats demonstrates significantly better colour retention and weather resistance properties than the conventional smooth coating. Dirt adhesion is substantially reduced and the slats are easy to clean.

    Automated convenience

    Venetian blinds can be fitted with electric drives for greater ease of operation. In conjunction with the corresponding controller, this meets the Minergie standard.

    Slats turn precisely and quietly

    The slats on VANTA blinds turn at half the speed of those on conventional venetian blinds. This means that the slats can be positioned more precisely and they close noiselessly.

    Excellent materials

    Weatherproof chrome steel slat hooks, metal guide bolts, flanged holes for 8 mm-wide lift tapes (VANTA), Kevlar-reinforced turning cords and slats with textured coating all ensure that the blinds will last for a long time.

    Range of colours

    Choose from around 25 standard colours, including a range of IGP and metallic colours. You can also choose from more than a thousand RAL, NCS and IGP colours.

    Impressive design

    The flat, linear blind design means there are no angles or curves, and the lift tapes and guide bolts cannot be seen from the outside when the blind is closed. The slats join together instead of overlapping, with a striking slat profile that is reminiscent of shutters or all-metal venetian blinds.

    VANTA and VANTA+


    Height of opening (hl) Height of recess (hs) VANTA Height of recess (hs) VANTA+
    - 1750 mm 255 mm 255 mm
    1751 - 2000 mm 265 mm 265 mm
    2001 - 2250 mm 280 mm 280 mm
    2251 - 2500 mm 295 mm 295 mm
    2501 - 2750 mm 310 mm 310 mm
    2751 - 3000 mm 325 mm 325 mm
    3001 - 3250 mm 340 mm 340 mm
    3251 - 3500 mm 360 mm -
    3501 - 3750 mm 370 mm -
    3751 - 4000 mm 385 mm -
    4001 - 4250 mm 405 mm -
    Width of installation (bk)
    min. with crank drive 400 mm 400 mm
    min. with electric drive 550 mm 550 mm
    max./max. without warranty 5000 mm/6000 mm 3000 mm
    Area (bk x hl)
    Single blinds
    max. with crank drive 6 m2 5 m2
    max. with motor drive 10 m2 6 m2
    coupled System (limited option)
    max. with crank drive 6 m2 not possible
    max. with electric drive 24 m2 not possible
    max. coupled blinds 3 pieces -
    Depth of recess (tn)
    minimum 130 mm 130 mm
    Wind resistance classes
    bk < 1500 mm class 6 class 6
    bk < 2000 mm class 6 class 6
    bk < 2500 mm class 6 class 6
    bk < 3000 mm class 6 class 6
    bk < 3500 mm class 5 -
    bk < 4000 mm class 5 -
    bk < 4500 mm class 4 -
    bk < 5000 mm class 4 -
    VANTA and VANTA+

    Drawings & Brochure

    Download PDF / CAD-File(dwg)
    VANTA vertically closed
    VANTA vertically in hollow camber
    VANTA vertically with cover Panels

    It is possible that conversion errors occur during saving or importing into another CAD format. Our models are created with the utmost care and the specifications are checked for accuracy. However, we cannot assume liability for possibly faulty or incomplete specifications as well as the correct depiction of the product in your CAD system. We recommend checking all relevant installation dimensions according to the information from our brochure pages.

    We recommend

    checking all relevant installation dimensions according to the information from our brochure pages.