AV-940 and AV-740


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    AV-940 and AV-740


    AV-940 and AV-740 metal composite venetian blinds with 90 mm or 70 mm wide slats are characterised by the combined cable/rail guide. This enables slat blinds with up to wind resistance class 6 by means of additional cables.

    AV-940 and AV-740


    Optional self-supporting system

    The self-supporting blind system with no mounting in the recess area preserves insulation, reduces noise transmission, and prevents thermal bridges (Minergie standard). A central attachment or a reinforcement profile is required for the head rail from widths of 2500 mm and above.

    Protective holes

    The flanged holes prevent the 8 mm-wide lift tape from fraying. Not using delicate plastic lugs avoids the need for premature repairs.

    Metal instead of plastic

    The weatherproof chrome steel hooks attaching the slats to the turning cords enable damaged slats to be subsequently replaced. Metal guide bolts ensure durability and resistance to breakage.

    Turning cords with precise folding

    Kevlar-reinforced turning cords ensure precise folding without sitting between the slats. This achieves a minimal package height with parallel slat alignment. Dark slat colours can be equipped with black turning cords and lift tapes to prevent them from sticking out.

    Cable guide

    In addition, the slats are guided on both sides with filigree PA-coated chrome steel cables.

    Lock for increased safety

    The bottom rail can be equipped with an end position stop. In the closed end position, this cannot be raised from the outside and thus serves to prevent break-ins.

    Textured coating

    The innovative textured coating used for the slats demonstrates significantly better colour retention and weather resistance properties than the conventional smooth coating. Dirt adhesion is substantially reduced and the slats are easy to clean.

    Automated convenience

    Both models can be equipped with electric drives, which offer increased comfort. In conjunction with the corresponding controller, this meets the Minergie standard.

    Daylight use

    The blind can be split into two or three sections with different slat inclines. Open slats in the upper section enable daylight to penetrate into the depths of the room, while closed slats in the lower section serve as glare protection for the window.

    Excellent materials

    Weatherproof chrome steel slat hooks, metal guide bolts, flanged holes for 8mm-wide lift tapes, Kevlar-reinforced turning cords and slats with textured coating all ensure that the blinds will last for a long time.

    Range of colours

    Choose from around 25 standard colours, including a range of IGP and metallic colours. You can also choose from more than a thousand RAL, NCS and IGP colours.

    AV-940 and AV-740


    Height of opening (hl) Height of recess (hs) AV-940 Height of recess (hs) AV-740
    to 1750 mm 220 mm 235 mm
    1751 to 2000 mm 220 mm 255 mm
    2001 to 2250 mm 235 mm 275 mm
    2251 to 2500 mm 255 mm 295 mm
    2501 to 2750 mm 270 mm 315 mm
    2751 to 3000 mm 285 mm 330 mm
    3001 to 3250 mm 300 mm 350 mm
    3251 to 3500 mm 315 mm 370 mm
    3501 to 3750 mm 330 mm 390 mm
    3751 to 4000 mm 345 mm 410 mm
    4001 to 4250 mm 360 mm 430 mm
    with cover panel + 20 mm + 20 mm
    minimum 400 mm 400 mm
    maximum 4250 mm 4250 mm
    maximum without warranty 5500 mm 5500 mm
    Width of installation (bk)
    min. with crank drive 345 mm 330 mm
    min. with motor drive 480 mm 465 mm
    max./max. without warranty 5000 mm/6000 mm 5000 mm/6000 mm
    Area (bk x hl)
    Single blinds
    max. with crank drive 6 m2 6 m2
    max. with motor drive 10 m2 10 m2
    coupled system
    max. with crank drive 6 m2 6 m2
    max. with motor drive 24 m2 24 m2
    max. coupled blinds 3 Stück 3 Stück
    Depth of recess (tn)
    minimum 130 mm 100 mm
    Wind resistance classes
    AV-940 AV-740
    bk < 1500 mm class 6 + class 6 +
    bk < 2000 mm class 6 + class 6 +
    bk < 2500 mm class 6 + class 6 +
    bk < 3000 mm class 6 class 6
    bk < 3500 mm class 6 class 6
    bk < 4000 mm class 6 class 6
    bk < 4500 mm class 5 class 5
    bk < 5000 mm class 4 class 4
    AV-940 and AV-740

    Drawings and Brochure

    Download PDF / CAD-Dateien (dwg)
    Installation on embrasure in recess
    Self-supporting installation with cover panel type 1
    Installation on facade with cover panel type 8
    Recess for gear box
    Crank drive

    It is possible that conversion errors occur during saving or importing into another CAD format. Our models are created with the utmost care and the specifications are checked for accuracy. However, we cannot assume liability for possibly faulty or incomplete specifications as well as the correct depiction of the product in your CAD system. We recommend checking all relevant installation dimensions according to the information from our brochure pages.

    We recommend

    checking all relevant installation dimensions according to the information from our brochure pages.