VANTA blinds provide significantly better dimming in comparison with conventional venetian blinds. Barely any light comes through the gap between the slats and the guidance rails or through the holes for the lift tapes, because the slats cover these openings.

In the VANTA model, the slat package is raised and lowered with lift tapes, while in the VANTA+ model this takes place using a lift mechanism integrated into the side guidance.

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  • Act 4: New features for our blinds with c-shaped and flat slats
  • New guide pin made of metal
  • revolutionized working position for slat blinds
  • Act 3: Cable guidance for strong venetian blinds
  • New functions for tilter SR
  • Hand pincers
  • 2st Act: New venetian blinds with new slat profiles
  • New cord shortener
  • » ... more

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